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World Tour on Bikes? Meet the Kenyan Duo that’s seeking to do it

world tour

How does a world tour sound?

But first, the “extra-ordinary people” category has always been there on the blog. However, I have never written anything under the same. Not to mean I haven’t met people who qualify… my Instagram family is extraordinary, I’ve met people who go out of their way to make the world a better place.

I really think I should do such posts more often. Let me know what you think?

How about seeing the world while riding a cool bike?

That’s exactly what these amazing guys are onto. We start this off at an extremely high note! Now, they will be the first Kenyans to do a trip of such depth.

What’s a world tour?

It’s what it is – a tour around the world. Ideally, it’s a trip that covers most parts of the globe. Depending on one’s interests, they can choose the countries to cover. Normally, it is done in legs, and that could be based on continents, activities one hopes to engage in and all that.

Good thing with travel is that there is no fixed way of doing things. You get to be as creative as you want, which is why my definition of a world tour could vary considerably from yours. You get the drift though.

Meet the cool kids

Joan and Dos are the incredible travelers who hope to make it into most countries across the world. The couple met 15 months ago at a bikers’ event. Their love for bikes, coupled with that for traveling, cements their relationship.

At that very event, they realized they both loved traveling so they immediately planned a “riding date” the next day. No pun intended 😛

world tour

They have made the rides more regular, and Joan calls that, “the sweetest part of this…

world tour

Here, in Joan’s words, is how this exciting adventure can be explained:

We rode into each other’s hearts and that is the best places that bikes have taken us. At a certain point in time we discovered we both had a dream to explore the world beyond the Kenyan borders, beyond the prejudices and beyond the usual comfort zone. This is something that worked to strengthen our relationship further.

Making History:

Dos has done a mini-version of this tour. In 2015, he rode from Kenya to and from South Africa. He did the entire route on his 180 CC bike. From that, he holds the Kenyan record for the smallest bike that ever did a trip of such a magnitude in Africa.

world tour

According to Joan,

Listening to his experience, and noting how hard the adventure bug bit into him, we knew this was it and we would need to work on it fast.

And that, you guys, is how these love birds started planning their world tour, scheduled to begin in 2 July, 2018. That’s barely a year from now. It could sound like a lot of time but it really isn’t.

They want to explore the world with their own eyes. Create unique experiences, all while enjoying foreign countries, cultures, and traditions. They also plan on telling the motherland’s story to the rest of the world.

For long, the Kenyan story has been told by foreigners. It is about time they heard the beautiful story from Kenyans.

To make all this possible, the duo will quit their jobs, sell all their stuff, and bid their family and friends goodbye; see you after three years, only 😛

Wanna be part of the world tour?

First, if you’ve been following Wachera for a minute, you’ll know we are all about building each other. I keep saying that a candle doesn’t lose light by lighting others. Please let me know once that becomes so cliché it stops making any sense to you.

I promise I will find another way to put it. For now, you gain most from helping others.

world tour

There are many ways to get involved:

  1. You can cheer them on – it always helps to know that people have your back. Joan and Dos are amazing people, and I’m certain they would do the same if you were in their shoes (bikes 🙂 )

This means sending them supportive messages, sharing their posts, retweeting…

  1. You can do business with them. I’ll illustrate this using their words:

We are looking for people and businesses with great Kenyan stories. This could be products, destinations, people, food, places, business, culture… anything Kenyan, that you would like the rest of the world to know about. You can tell your story or tell ours. You get to choose the mileage you want it to travel to or a destination you would want it delivered to, and we will convert the destination to kilometres.

 The story we are talking about here needs to be authentic and posted by the owner on Joan and Dos’ social media platforms. One could decide to pay for the entire mileage, or rally their friends, followers, et al. to help them achieve their set target. Those supporting you would need to comment on your story, to enable the duo keep track of each story. Does that make sense?

Ride your brand far…

To put into perspective, say Brand X wants to increase the visibility of product Y in Denmark. They would “purchase miles” that are enough to have our extraordinary couple bike to the country. Each kilometer costs KES 250. They will provide proof of delivery to the destination you choose by taking pictures from there. Your story will also be constantly shared on their social media platforms which, truth be told, will blow up between now and when the trip is over. Just in case you are wondering, they won’t take down your story from their pages over the entire period. Win – win.

world tour

The itinerary

Anyone who travels knows how uncertain the road can be. That said, here’s a tentative plan of their world trip to inspire you:

First leg – Africa

Kenya >> Uganda >> Rwanda >> Tanzania >> Malawi >> Zambia >> Botswana >> Namibia >> South Africa

Second leg – Antartica

Third Leg – South America

Argentina >> Ushuaia >> Chile >> Bolivia >> Peru >> Ecuador >> Colombia

Fourth Leg – Central America

Panama >> Costa Rica >> Nicaragua >> Honduras >> Guatemala

Fifth Leg – North America

Mexico >> U.S.A. >> Canada >> Alaska

Sixth Leg – Australia

Seventh Leg – Asia

Indonesia >> Malaysia >> Thailand >> Myanmar >> Bangladesh >> India >> Nepal >> Pakistan >> Iran >> Turkey

Eighth Leg – Europe

Greece >> Italy >> Switzerland >> France >> Spain >> Portugal >> France >> Germany >> Austria

Final Leg – North Africa

Egypt >> Sudan >> Ethiopia >> Nairobi

I thought their vision was extraordinary, and I am excited to be part of the journey. With time, a definite plan will be released on how guys can join them on parts of the world tour. Travel buddies and travel meetups… More info on that coming.

Useful Links:

In the meantime, here are some useful links:

Website: http://throttleadventures.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/throttleadventures/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/throttleadventures.ke/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThrottleAdv_ke

M-changa account: https://secure.changa.co.ke/myweb/share/12489

I know there are many people out there doing exploits in the travel industry. This series just begun. Also, I just realized today is Madaraka Day here in Kenya; good day to cheer our heroes and heroines on.

Happy Madaraka Day my people, and cheers to Unlimited Adventure!



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