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Mount Kenya: A Mountain of Possibilities

I fell. I fall a lot.

Okay. Let’s start this from the beginning.

Hiking is one of those things that I will probably not grow tired of, and most definitely not outgrow. There is that indescribable satisfaction that comes with knowing you started something and successfully completed it. There is one of the reasons we hike. The last statement was directed to those who keep asking what the purpose is.

Hiking Mount Kenya

I introduced Mount Kenya in this post. If you haven’t already read it, first do that then head back here. In that post, I told you there is so much that one can do in the park. Mount Kenya is the most beautiful places on earth. There are many hills that surround her, it is almost unbelievable. The vegetation is unique and diverse. Animals, both meek and harmful are scattered across the park. Birds chirp from all corners, creating what would be the best band on earth. The fish swim, undisturbed, in icy cold water. Dozens of hikers go across the trek, each with their different hopes. All this within the confines of the most glorious mountain on earth.

I told you I was gonna go back. I did that and here’s that report ?

The initial plan was to include Lake Rutundu. Plans changed because we were told there was a lion doing rounds there. It was only two of us so we scratched that. This time we did the Giant Billiard’s table and went fishing.

I am generally not a morning person but in Mount Kenya, I am always up with the sun. You have to. No alarm clock. Well, besides the hundreds of bird that prolly have nests near the bandas. Oh. I told you KWS has the best bandas up there, right? No? Now you know. They even have bath tubs to soak in after the day’s hike(s).

hiking mount kenya

Back to my story.

The sunrise is like nothing you have seen before. Also, it is never the same. Another thing I love about being in Mount Kenya is that we only do organic food. I had to. This time we even got lemon grass from the bushes as we hiked. Stinging nettle, too.

The Giant Billiard’s table has not been hiked by many people. Bet you haven’t read about it elsewhere before either ?. The trek is beautiful. Not an easy hike but well worth it. I didn’t tell you what the complete plan was. We were supposed to do the Giant Billiard’s table on the first day, Muugi hill on the second, then go fishing on the third. That didn’t happen cuz we were too exhausted after spending the whole day doing a hard trek. We live for randomness!

Here’s shots I took to show you why you should plan to hike the Giant Billiard’s table.

hiking mount kenya

That’s the Giant’s Billiard table in the distance

hiking Mount Kenya

The incredible vegetation. We took a chance and hiked in the rainy season. See the clouds?

hiking mount kenya

Any one else still does picky picky ponky? ?

hiking mount kenya

Another angle, just for you ?

hiking mount kenyahiking mount kenyahiking mount kenya

hiking mount kenya

Views! Guys, views!

You saw it here first! Go hike that trail and take in some of the most amazing views there are in our country, and beyond.

Imma do the fishing post separately and soon.

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Cheers to the top!

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    Wesley from Trip Hotspot

    June 28, 2018

    That looks like so much fun.
    I love the pictures.