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about us

I can’t keep calm! That’s probably the worst tag line ever, but it’s true. I have tried finding fulfillment from settling down and focusing on one activity and place, but I failed terribly. Okay, I should probably start by telling you who I am. My name is Wachera, a daughter of the African soil. I realized that Wachera is native for “the one who loves travelling, and that changed everything.

Uuuuum. Maybe not everything, but it really helped me put a lot into perspective. I write about some stuff. Some because it is very random, but it is also stuff I know will help make your experience on the road much better. I especially hope that every black African who goes through this will get the courage to hit the road. Most of the times I travel alone so quit waiting for those group plans to come through. Once they do it’s really fun though, isn’t it?

Anyway, there’s lots of posts by now. Go through them and let me know what you think. Also, at the very minimum, I honestly hope we learn empathy through travel.