The Big 5 Jigsaw Puzzle




This is the first puzzle by Koolioh! Have fun with your friends and family as you challenge yourself.

Few things are as fulfilling as completing a puzzle.

Some advantages of puzzles are:

Enhanced memory. This is actually the main one. There is scientific proof.

Increased ingenuity. See those days when you feel like you’ve hit a block? Try connecting pieces of that puzzle by playing your puzzle. It works. Innovation and improved problem-solving skills follow.

Dopamine, in your body, creates a feeling of reward and pleasure. You get that from puzzles. Safe to say puzzles make you happier. If that isn’t life’s goal?

Relaxing. You are alone with your thoughts when piecing those pieces together.

Teamwork. Playing with your kids? Parent? Family? Friends? Crush? Boyfriend? Spouse? It will help you bond and grow while having fun.

Fun. 1000 pieces look and sound intimidating. However, think of the feeling once you complete, say, one of the elephants in the Big 5 puzzle.

There are many other reasons to cop the puzzle but those should do.

Convinced? Get a set 🙂


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