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Getting Lost; Paradise Lost

You know those days when you’ve had a crazy week and all you want is to lay low? Away from the crazy traffic, bad workmates and all that? Well, I recently discovered what is, without a doubt, now one of my favorite spots near Nairobi. Paradise lost. There’s a lot in a name they said, I believe them! Visiting some of these places makes me realize just how many hidden gems there are in Kenya, and in any other country for that matter. It’s gratifying to discover a less touristy place that satisfies one’s wanderlust.

Paradise lost is around 10 km from Nairobi, along Kiambu road. There are myriads of activities and attractions for everyone across all age groups. The landscapes are amazing and well maintained. It’s actually in the middle of coffee farms.




For me what stood out was the labyrinth of caves that are estimated to be around 2.5 million years. They have slowly but steadily been eroded by waters from the Gichi River which is just nearby. As it is, these rocks are founded on obsidian rock artefacts dating back to the late stone age; they were discovered a couple of years back. To maneuver the caves is an experience in itself especially when you visit during the weekdays and the lights are not on. Artificial lighting has been mounted after every few meters into the cave, leading to a large cavern inside. If not for anything else, visit paradise lost for the caves!

Back in time!

Back in time!


Cobwebs. But the shot had to be taken :P

Cobwebs. But the shot had to be taken 😛


I want to imagine the caves are less scarier with the lights on :O

I want to imagine the caves are less scarier with the lights on :O




Inside the caves. Extremely dark; don't be deceived :)

Inside the caves. Extremely dark; don’t be deceived 🙂

Notice the artificial lights that have been mounted

Notice the artificial lights that have been mounted

I can only upload too many images of the caves. Intensity.

I can only upload too many images of the caves. Intensity.

Did I mention there is a waterfall? There you go – there is a waterfall! I’m the kind who, given a choice between a couple of most other things and a waterfall, I’ll go for you-guessed-right! There is so much in a waterfall seriously, and the spectacular waterfall at Paradise Lost is just out of this world. I mean, it might not be the Niagara Falls or anything, but it’s something – I promise. I know I mentioned earlier that you should visit for the caves, but please visit for the waterfall. Waterfalls remind me to move with the flow, keep roaring with excitement, letting all cares fall away, creating one’s own music regardless of the situation, immersing oneself into nature, staying active, making a splash… I could go on and on but you get the point 🙂



If caves and waterfalls don’t tickle your fetish, you might want to try out camel or horse riding. Better still, go boat riding. You get to steer it any way you want, so that’s pretty cool. The boat riding takes place on a man made dam, and the experience is very calming – to say the least. The landscapes surrounding the dam are lovely and all natural.


Oh the serenity!

Oh the serenity!


Be sure to take some snacks and/or food with you! No one mentioned that to me when I went so all we had was a packet of crisps. There are numerous trees with guava fruits on them though – it would be wrong not to mention that given the efforts that went into trying to bring some guavas down the tree 😛

It was a unique experience, one that was certainly worth the $3 we paid per person. It was a weekday so they didn’t charge us to access the caves. The boat ride was about $2.5. We were hungry after a couple of hours in the facility so we left without trying out the camel and horse rides. The prices are, however, outlined below:

Kids – $2
Horse rides – $1
Camel rides – $1
Caves and waterfall – $2

Whatever you choose to do within the facility will be totally worth it. It is particularly helpful that no one keeps following you around.


Have you been there? Would you love to visit and need some concerns addressed? Talk to us 🙂


Cheers to getting lost!