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visa free countries for kenyan citizens

6 cheap countries for Kenyans

· Countries where the Kenya shilling will go a long way ·

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that tomorrow is not assured, and that things can change in a second. That, and for me, to live life like there is no tomorrow. Cliché. Anyway, for most people living equates to traveling. You’re probably wondering how others manage to visit the countries that they do, and how that can become your reality.

This post is meant to be a brief guide to countries where the Kenya shilling will go a long way. You might not be comfortable hitting the road (yet) so this is a perfect time to list out countries on your bucket list, learn of new ones, and save up towards it.

If you don’t know where to start, use this post to make your plans. If you’re not sure you’ll be okay traveling alone, check out my solo travel guide. Moving forward, you’ll be doing yourself a solid not waiting for your group plans to materialize – we saw how that worked, BC 😁

Let’s jump right into it. There are quite a number of other countries that Kenyans should visit based solely on the shilling going a long way. However, this post will dwell on 6 beautiful countries; just because they are cheap doesn’t make the experience less worthwhile.


This is one of my favourite countries, ever. Whichever way you look at it, the Kenya shilling will go a really long way in Vietnam. With 1000 Kenya shillings, for instance, your meals for a day are sorted. Their portions are very huge so you might not need all your regular meals. With 200 bob, you have a meal, complete with veggies. It gets much cheaper when you get snacks from the streets – these are in plenty and very tasty. Matter of fact, for the full experience, go eat where the locals are eating, in the streets. I feel like I say this a lot? It’s because it’s important, especially in a country with a culture as rich as Vietnam’s; you learn a lot from these joints. Accommodation options range from very cheap (300 for dorms) to as high as you’d like. As such, your Kenya shillings will take you a long, long way in Vietnam. The country offers mountains, waterfalls, lakes, different excursions, art, history, deserts… the country has everything. What’s more, the visa process is seamless for Kenyan citizens: you apply online and get it in your email after a couple of hours. Definitely add Vietnam to your places-to-visit list as it is one of the cheap countries for Kenyans.


Another of my favourites! You can get to Uganda from Kenya using a bus or a flight to Entebbe. If you’re tight on cash, using the bus will short you only 2500 Kenya shillings. It’s a convenient way to travel since you leave Nairobi in the evening and by morning you’re in Kampala. Food and accommodation in this beautiful East African country are affordable, and the selection is quite diverse. Traveling across the country is also quite easy using their public transport. They don’t keep time so keep that in mind and plan accordingly to avoid disappointments. In most parks, East Africans have a special rate so the Kenya shilling will definitely go a long way for you in Uganda. Uganda has many mountains to hike, different foods to taste, very friendly people to meet, lakes in the hundreds… go to Uganda it is one of the cheap countries for Kenyans!


Kenya’s neighbour and can be accessed from different town in Kenya including Tanga and Namanga. There are many things to do in Tanzania and trust me, once you start going there, you won’t stop. Of importance to note is that it is very easy to get conned in Tanzania, especially once they realize you’re a foreigner. Be vigilant, do your research, and generally use your common sense. Besides the over commercialization of tourism, Tanzania has many unexplored areas. My best place to be is Lushoto, the town that houses the Usambara Mountains. An extremely beautiful place where you literally have fun at almost zero shillings. Seriously. With the proper research, also, you can visit Zanzibar and not spend much. You don’t need a visa to go to Tanzania as a Kenyan citizen and it is one of the cheap countries for Kenyans .


Every Kenyan should visit Malawi at least once in their lifetime. Lake Malawi covers almost a third of the country in the most spectacular of ways. Besides the lake, there are numerous other things to do including hiking; hiking Mount Mulanje should be on everyone’s bucket list. Check out my Malawi post and be awed by the pictures which, by the way, don’t do the mountain or the country any justice. Malawi is one of the cheap countries for Kenyans; the Kenya shilling will certainly go a long way.


One of the most beautiful places ever! Forgive me. I say this a lot. Morocco is one of the most diverse countries I’ve ever visited. Love waterfalls like me? They have dozens of them. Are you into other people’s cultures? Moroccans have a very rich one. Love hiking? You’re sorted. Love the spa? Go there for the hammams. I hope you get the picture. They have everything. They even have the Sahara desert which is one of the richest places I’ve been to – go figure. Their food is cheap and in plenty. Their rooms range from really cheap to who-can-afford-that expensive. For Kenyan citizens, the visa process is very simplistic and costs around 2000 Kenya shillings. Definitely plan for Morocco. I swear you will love it.

Sri Lanka

As a Kenyan citizen you apply for a Sri Lankan visa online. Very uncomplicated, such a breath of fresh air given what we have to go through for some of these visas. Not enough people talk about this country. As someone who absolutely love trains, I had the best time in Sri Lanka because their train network is great and cheap as well. They don’t have *any* authentic foods but given their proximity to countries like India, you’d get those for cheap. Rooms are also generally inexpensive. The people are very friendly and they love Kenyans a lot, mostly because of the shared “tea culture”. Visit Sri Lanka at least once in your lifetime, mKenya.

Spread your wings

While the world is big, we have to start somewhere. If you’re looking to spread your wings beyond Kenya, think the countries above. You’re guaranteed of fun, and you won’t come back home broke. You won’t have to break a bank to travel there, either. While here, check out visa-free countries for Kenyan citizens.

Also, check out fun games that your Kenyan shillings can get you 🤪 Go to the shop.

Cheers to the shilling!


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    November 4, 2020

    I’m quite surprised Morocco made the list, I always assumed it was pricy, I’m happy to see that the visa process is not as difficult as I thought. Malawi is now on top of my list. All in all, I’ve enjoyed the post, it’s very informative.

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      November 4, 2020

      That’s a common misconception – about Morocco. Glad you found it helpful. You will absolutely love Malawi 🙂