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Mid-pandemic thoughts

· They probably don't like bread 😏 ·

For my birthday this year, my friends and I went to Zanzibar on 5th March, and stayed there till the 8th. Things had already started changing; they checked our temperatures at the Zanzibar international airport. There were also some people in masks. We found that really odd, and I’m sure one of us made a snarky comment.

We didn’t give much thought to the cancellation of the full moon party, mostly because we were not planning to attend. For us, this was like any other trip – one where we turn up, then reluctantly go back home to work hard for the next one.

Not this time. This time we’ve had to deal with a disruption that is so crazy, it almost looks unreal. Sometimes when I leave the house and see guys in masks, I feel like a character in a really dark movie. When I think of the kids not in school, I think to myself “whoever wrote this script has taken it really far”. When it comes to the number of guys who’ve lost their jobs, some who’ve had their lives turned completely upside down… I’m in utter dismay.

Someone said that if you’re breathing you’re winning, and I always want to believe that.

Lives have been lost. Lots of lives have been lost. So maybe we should be glad that it hasn’t gotten to that for us? I mean, I’m writing and you’re reading, right?

The ordinary, as we know it, has been disrupted in all ways possible. Realistically, we might never go back to whatever we considered “normal”. At the same time, how easy is it to define what normal is? I digress.

It’s even tougher for many cuz of the kind of society we live in. You know: I bake my own bread and have 3 home plants kind of society? More accurately, it’s a why do you not bake your bread and why do you own no plant kind of society. The kind of environment we live in is one that puts unnecessary pressure (on us). Pre-covid, there was always something that was required of us. That has not changed in the face of the pandemic.

A huge number of guys are hanging in there, trying to see tomorrow cuz someone up there said that if you’re breathing you’re winning. Requiring them to meet certain standards or expectations only works to pull them further down.

As we reinvent ourselves (this is very important, BTW), hope that will include letting others be. That instead of imposing our expectations on others, we will try and understand that this pandemic affected each one of us varyingly. That you might not understand what your neighbour is dealing with. That such an understanding was never expected from you. What was expected was for you to be empathetic enough to let them be.

This post (it’s saved as “post” on my computer 😄) is important because it gives me a chance to really put things into perspective. It also helps dust off the blog. I knew I wanted to write but I didn’t know what. Most importantly, however, is for everyone who reads this to know that it is okay not to be okay. You don’t have to bake bread because you saw hundreds of posts on the same. You also don’t have to follow up on all news updates. It is also okay not to check your social media accounts once in a while. By god, you don’t even have to be 100 percent productive at all times.

Besides the pandemic, a lot more is happening. Choose your battles wisely. Even martyrs go down for one thing – it’s impossible to fight and win in everything.

Take it easy on yourself. Listen to your spirit. Follow your heart. I believe this will help you reinvent yourself in a way that serves your best purpose. Explore new industries, play new games, reach out to others… stay true and everything will weave itself out for your good. Whether or not things go back to what they were, we will be okay, and that’s mostly because we will stay true to ourselves. That way, our greater purpose will be achieved.

Will slowly get to writing all the posts you’ve requested. Send me a message anywhere on whatever you’d like to read.

Sanitize and keep your mask on.

PS: Games are still on sale in the shop.