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LG Shiks: what’s the back story?

· How well do you know her? ·

I ask a lot of questions. This time when I asked them to LG, as she's commonly referred to, I wrote the answers down and chose to share.

I really enjoy such posts. Ironically, they don't feature as much as they should 🙄

The questions put a lot of perspective on a number of issues, and made me reflect on many others. I hope you enjoy the post. I also hope you get inspired as much as I was.

LG in a paragraph?

LG is a woman who refuses to sit down and listen to travel and adventure stories; she prefers seeing and experiencing. She is a mother, an explorer, adrenaline junkie, lover of trees, hiker, and a professional photographer.

What’s your fave place so far?

My favorite place is Turkana. Lake Turkana to be precise – never seen so many stars and a bubbly sunrise like I did in Turkana. Can’t really tell why people opt to visit coast ruling out the haven that is Turkana…

What place is top of your bucket list?

New Zealand!  Isn’t it every adrenaline junkie top destination?  Hobbiton, Waitomo caves… It’s also home to the longest swing in the world. It’s my birthday tomorrow… Someone please 😋

Most underrated place in Kenya?

Marsabit county!  Go explore. It’s a gem. (Side note: we have a trip to Marsabit in a few days, halla 🤗)

Mountain or beach?

 What is life without a mountain?

What can’t you travel without?

Camera!  I’ll admit I’ve left my camera chargers a couple of times while charging at home, but never my camera. I never leave my sandak sandals, too.

Solo travel or traveling with others?

For long trips I love them solo; I keep changing my itinerary so I don’t wanna inconvenience anyone. Short trips go well with groups, yes.

What do you miss the most when you travel?

I miss my kids!  Those little ones make me go back home.  Otherwise I would have travelled and never come back 🤣

Most interesting food you’ve ever tasted?

Berber tagine. Or is it Berber pizza served by a very dark skinned young man at the heart of Sahara desert? 😋 I loved Moroccan cuisine.

Weirdest food?

Snails. The snail soup!  Anyway it was a good food adventure.

Macchu Pichu or the Great Wall of China?

Machu Picchu! Don’t I look rugged?

Best Safari ever?

In December 2017 I did a 17 days roadtrip from Nairobi to Northern Ethiopia. It’s my best safari, at least for now.

The most interesting person you’ve met so far?

I met a lady during my solo trip to Morocco. She was from Germany. Halina is her name.  She has done 135 countries all by herself. She is not on any social media platform. She gave me tips on solo travel and I really want to be her when I grow up!  Really. She takes very few pictures to share with her sister back at home and uses all the other time soaking in the nature.

Craziest thing you’ve done?

How do you define crazy?  My friends think I do crazy stuff all the time.  I danced in a strippers club during one of my birthdays and all the girls left the platform for me to indulge.  I found a fifty Kenyan shillings note in my pocket the following morning. I hope my family never gets to read this… Haha

Scariest moment on the road?

When I did Turkana by road, there were some community clashes going on in some part of the north. It was for a distance of less than 15kms and we had to be escorted by armed police officers who were equally uneasy. That day I felt my heart pump each drop of my blood.

Most embarrassing moment on the road?

Mmmhhh embarrassing moments on the road… I guess so far I have been lucky. Haven’t had one ☺️

How many languages do you speak?

I have been joining a language class since 1900!

3 languages it is.

Which other language would you like to learn?

Would like to learn Spanish.  Es bonito 😉

Rich and ugly or poor and pretty?

Rich and ugly… I wanna travel ‘por todo El mundo’

See I really wanna learn espanol 😂😂

What do your relatives think about your travel lifestyle?

At first they would always check on me each and every minute… Walichoka 😂😂. They got accustomed to it, and all they do now is wish me safe travels. They are happy for me.

Traveling as a woman. How’s that?

Travelling as a woman is like giving an eagle some wind!  Or better an extra pair of wings. It’s liberating!

Traveling as a black African woman. How’s that?

As an African black woman?  Now this gets interesting. Especially if you come from Africa, be ready to repeat twice or thrice that you live and work in Africa.  Why they underrate and underplay an African woman is still a mystery to me. In Morocco I had to convince the locals that I actually live and work in Kenya.

Most useful thing you’ve bought?

My camera.  It pays my bills. It arouses the beautiful spirit in me whenever I take an epic shot!

Most useless thing you’ve bought?

Most useless thing must be my TV.  I never get time to use it.

Longest time you’ve been away from home?

6 weeks… It felt like a week though. 

Home is where the heart is. Who leaves their hearts?

Dream job?

I don’t dream of one.  I just want to work on the road… Can someone figure out that for me? Could I earn by telling my travel stories?  Maybe that…

Favorite childhood memory?

My granny introduced me to travel while I was very young. At 8 we packed our bags from up country which is Molo for Kiambu – Kikuyu to be specific. That pee stop at Delamare farm is what I will never forget because of the yogurt. It tasted so heavenly. Then came the crossing of the odiri (old lake) swamp… Its bog-like characteristic mesmerized me… I went back three years ago to confirm if the swamp is still there and boy! Nostalgia.

Top travel tip?

Be open minded. Once you leave the house anything could happen.

Best travel advice you’ve ever received?

Best advice was to pack light and always keep my passport with me.

Worst travel advice you’ve ever received?

Was once told to book flights last minute. That’s a scam.  Book your tickets early enough.

Where would you most like to live in the world, excluding Kenya?

Sweden.  No explanation.

On the sea, in the sea, or stay on dry land?

There are no mountains in or on the sea. Let me go with dry land. Wait?! I will gladly apply for a visa to visit the sea. Lol.

What has surprised you the most about yourself since you started traveling?

The fact that I can sleep like a baby with strangers in one room still surprises me! This was not me years ago but travel changes people! I trust more now.

Best social media platform?

Instagram takes the day #VillageGirlTravels.

Private room or dorm?

Dorm. How would I have met Halina if I took a private room? No, thank you.

If you were to write a book, what would the title be?

Finding me.  Because I’ve always found me while on the road.

What did you hate the most about school?

I hated meals!  I am a foodie but I love good food!

Every meal should be prepared and served with love… In school it was always like a fight.

What do you collect when you travel?

Honestly, I rarely collect stuff. I collect experiences rather than buy stuff. Fridge magnets find their way somehow though…

What is that thing you feel guys don’t talk enough about?

I feel we should tell our Kenyan story more. Visa application process and all its short coming. The Kenyan passport rank and all that. Let’s talk more reciprocity.

Are you a traveler or a backpacker?

Who sleeps in a hostel and carries her sleeping bag with her? Definitely a backpacker.

Bus or train?

Train. Gives one an opportunity to mingle and make friends.

What do you miss on TV?

I go for months without starting my TV. I can’t miss it. It’s purely for my totos and visitors.

Are you a planner?

Rarely do I plan. Randomness defines me more.

If so, where does spontaneity (if any) come in?


Aisle or window seat?

Window seat. I hate excusing a feller who dashes to the washroom after every 5 mins.

What’s your ideal weather?

Cloudy. I guess it’s mostly influenced by my photography.

Ever fallen in love on the road?

Haven’t yet. I wish too. Lol.

Longest single journey you’ve taken?

20 days.

What has been your weirdest moment so far?

Can’t recall any. Does this mean I’m getting old or what?

How do you choose which pic to share on social media?

I don’t really have a way of choosing, I randomly select one and post.

Weirdest animal you’ve seen?

Weird animal?  Animals are in their best form when in their natural habitats. The tamed monkeys in jamaa el-fnaa market in Morocco looked weird.

Next destination?

Nitoboe? Let me not 😄

Do you keep time?

I’m a time keeper.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

A young explorer.

Best book you’ve read?

When breath becomes air by Paul Kalanithi. Humbling and pressed my self-realization button.

Ever been sick on the road?

I consider myself lucky.  I once stayed for one week without my daily sleeping pill and I slept like a baby.  I guess home makes me sick 😂😂

Which place should we NOT visit?

Go everywhere. Not has not yet found its way in my dictionary.

Who would win in a fight: me or you?

You. Do I even know how to throw a jab?

First thing you do when you get to a new place?

Get a local Sim card.

Best travel quote?

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” Gustav Flaubert

Which place has the best food?

My homeland. Kenya. Mahn! Don’t I love Ugali and Choma!

Which one has the worst food?


Best hike you’ve done?

Mt Kenya remains my best hiking destination. The beautiful lakes and tarns and the end of each day of climb if you use Chogoria route for climbing. Out of this world.

What did you dream about last night?

Funny thing!  I rarely dream, or is it that I forget?

Yesterday I dreamt about rejoining workout regime. Let me call my coach right away!

Village girl, huh?

Basically a girl from village, brought up by the village and will retire in a village farm house.

Sell yourself to the two people who read my blog.

I run a company by the name village girl adventures. Check us out for affordable and unforgettable rates and destinations.

Fourfolds photographers is my other small kiosk where we freeze the moments for future reminiscing.

Parting shot?

Real is damn rare!  Wander all you can, life is long.


  1. Reply

    Ule Msee Wa B4

    July 17, 2019

    Solo travel brings out the best of me when I want to talk to me but need to incorporate more of backpacking to it now. Great pointers from the piece n I strive to live more of this outdoor life.

  2. Reply

    Dennis Ndegwa

    July 22, 2019

    Was lucky enough to meet this lady. Such an awesome soul. You know, one of those people you can never forget. Samburu was awesome. Thanks LG! A travelling fire has been rekindled in me.