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The Maasai Mara in 15 pictures

maasai mara

Maasai Mara is one of the most preferred places to do an African safari. First things first though. I’m so excited to do my first post on Kenya. One, it’s Kenya… two, I’m Kenyan. But seriously, I love Kenya so much, some people (wink) thinks its crazy! Whether you’re a Kenyan or not, there’s so much to love about this country. Hopefully my blog will convince you that šŸ™‚

So, one of the most visited places in Kenya is the Maasai Mara. This is a destination that is highly recommended for both seasoned and first-time travelers.

Located in Narok County in Kenya’s Rift Valley, the Maasai Mara is a large game reserve that is home to some of the most incredible wild animals. It is especially famous for the wildebeest and zebra migration from Tanzania’s Serengeti. You have most likely heard about the annual wildebeest migration?

maasai mara

One the sites you can never get used to!

The Mara river traverses the extensive plains with such incomparable majesty. This makes it possible for one of the wonders of the world – the great migration. The migration starts from July all the way to October. It follows that those are the best months to visit Maasai Mara.


maasai mara

Sections of the great Mara river

There are different kinds of animals across the plains. Owing to its extensive nature, luck plays a great role in the animals you see and those that you don’t. It is very important to look for seasoned tour companies when planning your trip there. An experienced driver will make your dreams come true since they understand the terrain better, and know where to look.

When I visited, there was this guy who was so frustrated that he didn’t seem to find the marvel in the place as they hadn’t seen anything beyond the ordinary that day. He switched drivers the next day and joined our crew, and his is a different story all together. Believe me, it makes a very huge difference.

Poaching has reduced the number of elephants considerably. It is sickening and there wouldn’t be a better chance to say that you can be the difference. Don’t purchase stuff made from ivory. Lack of demand will stop these evil acts. Hopefully, it will stop before all we have is pictures of what was; elephants are adorable, they are animals your grandkids should see some day.

maasai mara

Certain to warm your heart in the craziest of ways!

The Maasai lions are quite a site to behold. The Serengeti-Mara ecosystem is a great place for their existence.

maasai mara

Run if you can!

maasai mara

A lioness in the plains. Walking like she understands she’s the first lady šŸ™‚

maasai mara

Seriously, do we have a more mysterious animal?

maasai mara

And the prize for the most gracious goes to….

The river also houses hundreds of hippos and crocodiles. These essentially make it quite hard for the wildebeests and zebras to go across the river. That, in itself, is such a site to behold; survival of the fittest if I may?

maasai mara

We’re huge… and angry!

maasai mara

And you thought you could pose better?

If you’re keen, you may even spot the small ones!

maasai mara

Color for who?

Maasai Mara Sun

The sunset (and sunrise) are things not to miss while in the Maasai Mara. Your driver/guide should organize that for you – this, again, explains why you should go for the best.

maasai mara

The glorious sunset

“I kinda trust the cheetah. Feel like we’re old friends. Need to get off this track and go say hi, and maybe catch up for old time’s sake.” Ignore me, I’m crazy! Yes, those are some of the thoughts I have!

maasai mara

Majesty, poise, confidence

maasai mara

Up before everyone else. Owh, the warmth!

Make sure you visit the Maasai village. There, you get to learn about their culture. They also have a program where tourists are directly involved in improving the livelihood of the local community. There is a nominal entrance fee to the village. You also have a chance to purchase souvenirs.

maasai mara

Altitude? Attitude?
Some of the stunts by the Maasai men from the local village

There you go – a 15 picture summary of what to expect at the Mara. It is worth a visit. You can comfortably handle everything there is in 3 days and 2 nights. There are both budget and luxury accommodations. It is advised to visit the Maasai Mara with verified tour guides. Tour companies are quite affordable. Before you settle on the best, be sure to check out their reviews.


Karibu Kenya!

Share the post if you like it – it’s sexy that way. Cheers to safe travels. Light and love, till the next post!


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    Carolina Tudela

    April 29, 2016

    I am completely in love Angie!! Can’t wait to go visit you and my boo in Kenya!
    You’ll have to be my personal guide to this and other amazing places.

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      May 1, 2016

      To this and more love, come soon šŸ™‚