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In Singapore; a FORMAL guide

visit singapore

Planning a fun –filled and dramatic getaway to Singapore? Here is what you really need. One day isn’t enough to have maximum fun in this amazing city. Keep the buzzing phone aside, tell your mommy you’ll be late but don’t miss out to read this ultimate guide to visit Singapore right now. I completely agree that this city was blamed for being too expensive and laid out. But wait? Time has changed everything. Singapore has revamped itself as one of the famous and chic cities of the world.

A section of the streets at night

A section of the streets at night

Blending together the crowds belonging to various cultures, mouth-watering cuisines and glorious architectonic buildings, the diamond shape city has developed smoothly with time. Forefront tourist advancements have been made comprising of impressive shopping malls, spacious food court and waterfront bars. You’ll never witness the same city again in your life!

Munch the yummy om-chilli-spiked crab, savory rendang, fragrant laska and biryani, you’ll get to taste the flavors for life just like food you never had before. The greatest obsession for Singaporeans is great food and wherever you gaze you’ll witness tempting, sizzling and scrumptious food from all around the world.

Shop your favorite stuff be it a pair of stilettos or some accessories or clothes, you’ll find Singapore pretty expensive but the stuff you’ll buy would definitely be incomparable.

visit singapore

If not for anything else, visit Singapore for their shakes 🙂

While choosing accommodation, there lies a number of hotels within the region and their sole aim is to keep accommodating tourists courteously.

While packing your traveling bag, don’t buy yourself chewing gums; sadly it’s banned in the city you’re heading to. Wear diamond accessories or carry expensive phones without any fear because crime rate is relatively low in this city. Walk on clean & shimmery streets of Singapore that will remind you of British Trading Post and Colony. It’s worth pointing out that you’ll meet patrons from all over the world including Indians, Chinese and Europeans routinely. Strike a conversation with them in English, as it is counted amongst one of the country’s four official languages.

Being a diversified cultural city, you’ll find authentic food cuisines that are scrumptious, yet not very cheap.

The diversity in the city is just incredible

The diversity in the city is just incredible

The main attractions for the tourists comprise of specifically Little India, located few kilometers on river-side, you’ll be amazed to smell the aroma of freshly prepared curry and bizarre of grounded spices. Occupied with glaring and gaudy temples the place still entails originality of archaic times. Make your way to China Town situated on south of the river-side, gaze at the bunch of enticing shrines along with an impeccably rejuvenated “Baba House”, the well known Chinese Mansion and heritage centre substantiating the hurdles encountered by the generations of former Chinese migrants in the city.

As always, you never go wrong with fruits :)

As always, you never go wrong with fruits and veggies

If you’re a nature& history loving person, then don’t miss out visiting the magnificent National Museum of Singapore portraying the city’s culture and history. Go for a walk in Fort Canning Hill, an exuberant park within the city for leisure and to eye over momentous remains.

Choosing amongst the vast number of little islands that lie within the city. The one that offers jaw-dropping beauty is Sentosa.

...And more streets

…And more streets

Visit Singapore – breaking borders

Well, it can’t get more formal than that, can it? Singapore is a very diverse city that cannot be summarized in a single post. I had an unforgettable experience at the borders; I will certainly write about that soon.

In the meantime, have you been to Singapore? What stood out for you? Do you hope to make it there soon? Hopefully the tips given above will help you make the experience memorable. After all, that’s what traveling is all about 🙂


To safe travels, and spontaneity!