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Tourism in Kenya; a journey of a lifetime

Tourism in Kenya

I am a strong believer that every country is endowed with its own beauty. That said, however, one is bound to view their motherland from a different perspective. Kenya may not be termed as one of the richest countries in the world but there’s something about the country that makes it interestingly spectacular. Tourism in Kenya has shone a light to the country, but there is much more than what has often been portrayed by the media.


Tourism in Kenya

Tourism is the second main source of revenue after agriculture in Kenya. Popularly, Kenya and “safari” go hand in hand. I dare say that there are few other places on earth where romance and a spirit of adventure intertwine. The diversity here is most certainly dazzling, even for the locals. Wildlife obviously topping the list.


We are a crazy yet calm people. We have Matatus and chartered flights. A single trip to Kenya offers one a chance to be one with themselves as they seek oneness with nature. It is nearly impossible to exhaust the attractions in the country – not in this life at least. Any time I leave my house, I bump into something weirdly amazing. This could be a beautiful beach, an extremely kind young man, a challenging mountain, a stunning sunset, an extremely cold morning, or a swarm of mosquitoes. All these are charming in their own way and whereas some experiences like bumping into a “hungry” policeman are less than desirable, one’s adventure spirit is certain to remain undeterred.

Traveling around Kenya

You have an array of choices when traveling around Kenya. However, some of the places that come highly recommended include:

Hell’s Kitchen

This is one of the most breath-taking places I have visited so far. It is just amazing how powerful nature is, and the beauty is that it can only get better. Read about this incredible place here.



One of the places in Kenya where one never runs out of activities to engage in. Are you a bike person? Fancy camping in the wild? Fishing? You’ll get whatever you want there, and at relatively nominal prices.



Now this is another location that is often overlooked by travelers. There are endless coastlines, friendly people, hiking spots and other amazing attractions. This is one of your best chances to blend in into the local culture without spending thousands of dollars unless you are feeling really generous in spending.


We do not have the best travel networks, but it is possible to get from one point to the other without breaking a bone. Be open to new possibilities.

The Appeal

This is especially a call to Kenyans. Visit the neighboring village next weekend. You don’t need a lot of money for that. Then you will realize that there is a lot to learn from the surroundings and from other people too. Empathy is one of the effects of traveling, and that is one of the surest ways to achieve a better society – isn’t that what we all hope for? Tourism in Kenya can bring about all the changes we ever hoped for as a young nation.

Witness the great migration, and make an attempt to compare the experience to anything else in this world and beyond.


Lie on the beaches at the coast and dream about becoming everything the ocean is; mysterious, beautiful, mighty, endless, and unpredictable. You might not be all that, but you will become a better person. That’s what nature does to you. Hike the hills and mountains. Love the people and their food. Define your own experience, write your story. Visit Kenya. Experience Kenya.


Cheers to exploring Kenya.


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