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Kinga Conservancy – Planting trees, and hope.

planting trees

For Earth day this year, we were part of something very sobering. It is amazing just how much us human beings can achieve within such a short period. By the time Kenya was getting her independence, about 10 percent of her land was covered with trees. By the year 2006, that figure had dropped to 1.7%. Quantifying what we have in 2017 is just sad. Deforestation has proven the extent to which human selfishness runs.

Seems like at some point most of us stopped planting trees while the rest were busy decimating them. If the trends are anything to go by, then we can say it is impossible for us humans to take a second and think about our actions affect us and future generations.

Stealing WiFi = Looting billions

The Aberdares is one of the most pivotal water catchment areas in Kenya. Most of us are barely keen on issues unless they affect us directly. The already rationed water supply in Nairobi is mainly sourced from the Aberdares (and Mount Kenya). Now that I have your attention… Reservoirs like the Ndakaini dam normally receive water from rivers whose water flow has reduced considerably. For that reason, water levels in Ndakaini are barely past the 50 percent mark; half full?


Back to Earth Day. Kinga Conservancy is based in the Aberdares, Watuki for precision’s sake. They organized a walk from Endarasha to their campsite with the hope of educating the locals on the need to plant trees. Themed Plant a Tree, Save the Aberdares, the event brought together guys from all over the country who are probably worried of the looming crisis if deforestation persists.

Initiatives like this will go a long way in ensuring sustainability. It was especially encouraging to see very many young people doing the mobilization with so much zeal.


Besides lacking water in your comfort zone, many tree species face the risk of extinction. Sandal wood trees and most others with antimalarial properties are just examples. We can take pictures and archive them, or we can come together and save our forest reserves.

Since not all is lost…

Let’s guard our water towers. It’s not technical. Do not litter. Discourage littering. Plant trees. Let’s talk about planting trees etc.

Apart from camping in the wild, Kinga Conservancy Campsite offers many more cool stuff. These include abseiling, cycling, picnicking, bonfires, and many more. Next time you are in Nyeri or are planning a getaway with your family and friends, pay them a visit.

Cheers to a breath of fresh air!