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The scariest thing I have ever done

bungee jumping

I’ve done a number of things that my mum definitely does not approve. Bungee jumping, however, has to be the scariest thing I’ve ever done. The last few days got me thinking a lot about this journey: what it was meant to be, what it has become, and all that. Also, someone asked me what my scariest moment is… so here we go.

bungee jumping

Bungee jumping in the River Nile

I always knew I had an immense height phobia, but that has constantly been reminded to me over the last few months. I’m not a fan of (over)thinking so normally I just dive in – even literally. Bungee jumping in the Nile got my mum like, “hiyo ni River Nile unachezea kama ile stream iko huko kwa nyanyako?” 😀 A small stream at my grandma’s was named. She didn’t go through all the pictures.

bungee jumping

My entire life didn’t flash in front of me. I went blank, I was dazed. Look, I didn’t know what to expect. I was scared, confused, calm for a second, completely scared, confused, then relieved. I like the challenge. No lying, I’ve done stuff like ziplining and white water rafting, but that does not mean I’m never afraid.

bungee jumping

I’m still not completely sure how I got there, but I did and I’m here writing this, meaning nothing is unsurmountable. Let me put this moment in perspective for you. I screamed so hard that it got caught up in my throat. I’m still thankful for my sanity cuz for a minute I thought I blacked out from the head rush. This was mostly because of the speed in which one falls than the height.

bungee jumping

Yesterday ended last night…

It was only 47 meters high (154 feet); In New Zealand and other places they have some as high as 192 m. I don’t know if I’m doing it again but I’m sure glad that I overcame my fears for that one.

I failed miserably in trying to be calm. People say that once you are done there it gets easy but for me that did not happen. I do not feel bad about that. If anything, I am pretty alert to the many weaknesses I have to conquer.

bungee jumping

I’ve never been so relieved to have someone hold my hand 😀

Nothing can be said or done to prepare you for this jump. Only about 1% of those who jump get injured. Unless you’re very unlucky, I bet you’re not among them. Jump in the face of fear, live the moment. Don’t overthink, and do not look down 🙂

“Fear is only temporary; regrets last forever.”

How did I celebrate this achievement? I went rafting 😀

bingee jumping


I would totally recommend such an adventure. It will remind you how strong you are, and also heighten your confidence considerably.

Cheers to diving in!


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  1. Reply


    April 7, 2017

    I have to ask… did you pee on yourself? ???

    • Reply


      April 7, 2017

      Haha strange enough I did not. I cried after though 😉 Prolly cuz I survived that!

  2. Reply


    April 8, 2017

    Hahahaaa reading this took me back to 2006 when I did my first bungee at the Nile and went on to it twice at same place followed by a number of them at Sagana which is a little higher than that if the Nile, I would recommend you try The one at Sagana and will be glad to join you as we scream our fear out

    • Reply


      April 9, 2017

      I am considering the Sagana one, for sure 🙂 I still have the adrenaline rush from this other one though so I think it will be a minute… but who knows :D. It will def be helpful if you’re there!

  3. Reply


    May 23, 2017

    I did skydiving in March 2017. I want to do Bungee jump in South Africa during our riding tour… wait why am I lying.. My Fiancè wants me to do Bungee jump in South Africa. He did it in 2015 there and he is so sure am made for it. Him… note…. me…. not sure but let’s see. Kudos to you Wachera.

    • Reply


      May 24, 2017

      Wow! The South African one is the “highest bungee from a bridge” in the world. I’m excited that you have so much adventure planned :O You should also do it. It is very scary, but ultimately fulfilling.