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best hikes in Kenya

5 Best Hikes in Kenya

· How many in my list have you made it to? ·

There are very many hiking trails in Kenya. Too many actually, that I feel we are yet to explore most of them. I’m writing this hoping that 2020 will be the year I do the most hikes, especially those off the beaten path. I’m much better placed to do it so it’s definitely going to happen. Anyway, here follows some of my best hikes in Kenya, so far.

They come in no particular order, and they are all very special in their own unique ways. Let’s go!

Best Hikes in Kenya: Mount Kenya

Who would have guessed? Everyone. I’m sure everyone knew that was going to make the list. Now, I have not yet summitted Mount Kenya, yet. I eventually will but I feel like there’s so many other approaches to this. Does anyone want to do the Rutundu side with me? We’d need a weekend only. HMU!

So, a few months ago we did a random trip to Mount Kenya with my fave guide, Stella. It was only us and another local guide. The plan was to find some mineral water place and caves. BTW, there’s lots of mineral water places all over the park. Hope the sharks don’t read this.

best hikes in Kenya
Sunrise from the cave

That we did. The “slight” change of plans, however, was that I no longer wanted to sleep in the tents we brought with us. We were met with this huge cave that looked all accommodating so why not. Very comforting also, was when the local guide said leopards come there at night anytime guys light up fire cuz you know… we all need warmth!

I also asked Stella that instead of spending the last night at the bandas, to make plans for us to extend our stay at the caves. There is something about that place that I will never forget nor put to words. It is also somewhere that very few people know exists – we pace set. That’s what we do.

I’ve given further insights on other parts of Mount Kenya in past posts so check that out and visit Mount Kenya.

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Best Hikes in Kenya: Rurimueria

There’s guys that will curse once they see this. Rurimueria is arguably the hardest hike in Kenya. I wrote about it here. This is one of the best hikes in Kenya, despite it being incredibly humbling. See how most treks start with a flat stretch to allow your body to warm up and all that? This one doesn’t. It is extremely steep at the start. The vegetation and weather does not make it any easy either. The Aberdare ranges has the most dramatic weather I have seen anywhere.

Despite all that, the views from the very beginning are spectacular. We even spotted a waterfall! Me feels there is other ways this could be done so we get to the fall we see from a distance. I’m sure there is. If there isn’t we’ll find a way.

Past post on Rurimueria:

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Best Hikes in Kenya: Mount Ololokwe

best hikes in Kenya

Found in Samburu County, this is a different hike and definitely one of the best hikes in Kenya. Since the area tends to get really hot, this hike starts at 5 am. You spend the night at the base – there are numerous accommodation options so that shouldn’t be a problem. The community is heavily involved in this so I’d like to think that some of the cash we pay goes to their improvement. I asked our guide about this but I don’t remember getting an answer. I forget a lot but I really hope it does.

Anyway, the views were amazing. The sunrise one of the best I have seen in a while. It also provided us a great chance to learn about the local culture. Also almost got married so uuuum…

There’s no post about hiking mount Ololokwe so work with this for now and drop any questions you might have anywhere you’re sure I’ll see them.

Best hikes in Kenya: Ololosukuan

I know this one has become really popular of late. I did it at a point where very few guys showed up to hikes and I’m really glad I did. I also went there blindly. With no idea of what to expect, it remains one of the best hikes in Kenya, in my opinion.

Located just a few kilometres from Nairobi and also surrounded by towns with the best nyama choma, does it really get better than that? It does. The terrain is different: lots of rocks and no defined path (I’d like to imagine this has changed). The swift moran warriors also make the experience quite the thing.

Past Post on Ololosukuan:

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I’m placing this, as ambiguous as that title sounds. We did a beach hike the last time I was in Watamu and I just had to add it to this list of the best hikes in Kenya. This is not typical but neither are we.

It was impromptu. I don’t know what the names are but we started at turtle bay. From there you walk along the beach, almost completely saturated by resorts and beach boys. I exaggerate. Don’t be derailed, keep walking. The elevation wasn’t obvious, but at some point we were on top of everything. It was incredible watching the ocean from above. It is like nothing I have seen before. From time to time you’ll also find yourself down in the ocean so it’s kind of a top-down zigzag that’s not obvious.

We got the worst sunburn and I forget how long it took us but it was a couple hours until we got to the love island. Explore the love island if you’re ever in Watamu. Watamu is one of the most amazing places in Kenya and I’m still not sure why not many people talk about it. Let’s talk about Watamu more. They even have a whale migration bana. I don’t have a special Watamu post so I guess I’m part of the problem.

Just a couple random stuff to complete this post:

  • Please don’t litter as you hike.
  • Hiking is a good way to achieve your fitness goals. Fit is the new sexy + health is wealth.
  • Hire a local guide. If for no other reason, to create employment. Don’t travel at the expense of others.
  • Don’t be loud and inconsiderate of your surroundings. I am not a fan of loud music when hiking.
  • Bring snacks enough for yourself and some for sharing.
  • Take a moment to take in the views. Never understood guys who just run up mountains and stuff. But again, do you.
  • You’re stronger than you imagine. When you feel like quitting, think of the fulfilment that comes with completing something.
  • There is a huge hiking community in Kenya. Most guys are fun and it is a nice way to meet like-minded guys.
  • Have fun.
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What would you add to this list of the best hikes in Kenya? Let me know 🤗

Cheers to elevation!