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Amboseli National Park

· The Salty Dust ·

When you ask someone who is not Kenyan (African) what their dream is, a lot of them will say it’s to do a safari. They save up for years to afford the experience. For Africans, however, very few people give it a thought. Since there might never be a disruption of the magnitude that is…

Mid-pandemic thoughts

· They probably don't like bread 😏 ·

We didn’t give much thought to the cancellation of the full moon party, mostly because we were not planning to attend. For us, this was like any other trip – one where we turn up, then reluctantly go back home to work hard for the next one. Not this time. This time we’ve had to…

Best travel apps: a list to keep you sorted

· Everything in the palm of your hands ·

best travel apps

Airbnb Airbnb offers a wide range of accommodation, ranging from budget to out-of-this-world expensive. Depending on what your budget is, you’re certain to get something. Airbnb has also added experiences as part of what they offer, making it one of the best travel apps of our time. You could use Airbnb experiences, for instance, to…

Want to drift? Meet Alex

· Drifters gonna drift ·

lets drift hike

Alex the drifter. What’s the edge? My name is Alex Kamau. Founder of Lets Drift, a community of adventurous people. I love solving interesting problems, I am a believer, lover of classical music and really hate small talk. 2. Why “let’s drift”? The idea was to take the roads less traveled, literally. 3. How did…

5 Best Hikes in Kenya

· How many in my list have you made it to? ·

best hikes in Kenya

They come in no particular order, and they are all very special in their own unique ways. Let’s go! Best Hikes in Kenya: Mount Kenya Who would have guessed? Everyone. I’m sure everyone knew that was going to make the list. Now, I have not yet summitted Mount Kenya, yet. I eventually will but I…

Malawi itinerary – travel hacks from #WawiliMalawi

· You gotta go! ·

malawi itinerary

Here’s a few things to keep in mind before I give my proposed Malawi itinerary: Malawi is visa free for most guys – certainly true for Kenyans Kwacha is the country’s national currency. It is a cheap country. As compared to other African countries, Malawi is not expensive. You will find many accommodation options, some…

The Darkness that was

· May my post cry ·

It should count that I can now write about a phase that no one should ever have to go through. It should count that in times of hopelessness, the Universe never allowed me to sink in a pit that most never come back from Most stories don’t make it to social media. Stories of how…

Doing the Ha Giang Loop on a motorbike

· If you hadn't thought/heard of this, start planning for it - it is that good! ·

ha giang loop

That’s Vietnam. The Ha Giang loop is a miracle. If you are into motor bikes, you really need to go to northern Vietnam and complete the loop. If you still don’t have the confidence to ride a bike by yourself, you can also do it and have lots of fun while at it. Being on…

7-day Hong Kong Itinerary

· Making the most off your Hong Kong trip ·

Day 1: New Territories – Tuen Mun Centre Take it easy on the first day and appreciate Hong Kong by strolling in the Tuen Mun Center found in the New Territories region. This area is famous for its many markets, malls, amazing architecture, and street food. Starting here will help you come to terms with…